Amy Coney Barrett: Trump wants to punch through candidate judges with “knife fighters”

Barrett has yet to be approved by the US Senate to become a Supreme Court Justice. Tough attacks are expected from the Democrats, who, although they do not have a majority in the Senate, will still pull out all the stops to prevent the Supreme Court from being pushed to the right. But strong criticism of the ultra-conservative Barrett is not only expected from the Senate. As reported by Fox News, the White House has drawn up an “offensive communications strategy” aimed at getting Barrett confirmed as Chief Justice before the November 3rd presidential election.

“We have to act like knife fighters against the opposition and be ready at all times to disseminate information quickly to find false statements about them [Barrett] or fend off their family. Because unfortunately we expect such personal attacks from the Democrats, “a high-ranking official explained the strategy to” Fox News “. “We will vigorously defend them every day.”

Democrats attack Barrett over religion

Trump’s team needs to prepare for two aspects: On the one hand, it has to work to get a majority for Barrett’s Senate vote. The White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, is to take care of that personally. At the moment, however, it looks as if the Republicans have the necessary votes to wave their candidate through. You have currently figured out October 12th as a possible date for the start of the hearings.

Furthermore, Barrett needs extensive preparation in order to assert himself during these hearings. Most likely, the Democrats will ask them about their religious background. She was grilled once before by the Democrats at a hearing when they accused her of having strong Catholic beliefs affecting her legal decisions.

Right-wing extremists criticize Wahl as not being conservative enough

Especially her membership in a Christian group called “People of Praise” (German: “People of Praise”) is currently causing a stir. The group holds controversial views. For them, the husband, as head of the family, stands above the wife. Current and former members report in the New York Times that “People of Praise” gives them a personal advisor, a so-called “handmaid”, who can help in choosing a spouse, place of residence or the upbringing of children.

But while most of the American media dubbed the candidate Barrett as the “darling of the conservatives” because of her religiosity, her nomination was received with reservations by the political right. A usually good barometer for this is the mood in the comments on the right-wing populist website “Breitbart”. Extremely conservatives, right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists speak up here, many of whom are Trump’s base. And they express distrust of Trump’s election:

  • “I’m a little wary of this choice after five minutes of researching it. I have […] Heard that she voted in favor of COVID curfews and mandatory vaccinations.
  • “If Trump really was Amy [Barrett] selects, it’s a sloppy choice that will likely backfire. “
  • “I have serious doubts that this woman is a‘ Conservative. “

This criticism also shows the shift to the right in the USA under President Trump. Even traditionally conservative values ​​are apparently no longer conservative enough in parts of society. Although Barrett’s past judge has supported Trump’s tough immigration policies, advocated for abortion and gun rights, that doesn’t go far enough for some Americans.

Nevertheless, support from the conservative and right-wing camp is likely to predominate. Various conservative interest groups have already pledged to support the affirmation battle with more than 25 million US dollars. Barrett’s advertising campaigns are already running on television and the Internet. The Democrats will probably oppose this, even with a lot of money.

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