Alvaro: “Hope this is a misunderstanding”

Alvaro Gonzalez returned this Friday to his clash with Neymar during the last PSG-OM. Stating that he hoped the Parisian’s accusations against him were the result of a misunderstanding.

Not prosecuted by the Disciplinary Commission of the Professional Football League – like Neymar and lack of evidence – last Wednesday, after the investigation of the famous case of alleged racist insults during the last confrontation between the PSG and OM in Ligue 1, Alvaro Gonzalez spoke to a Spanish journalist on Youtube on Friday. ” I mean, at least I hope that’s it, that he (Neymar, editor’s note) misunderstood some words at a time when the match was complicated. It was a hot game from start to finish, like a lot of derbies or clasicos. I hope it was a misunderstanding, that it wasn’t something else …

Accused of calling the Brazilian a “monkey”, the Marseille defender hints at a possible manipulation attempt on the part of the Parisian player. If, however, this matter was not part of a misunderstanding. The old Villarreal element, in any case, laments the proportions this story has taken. “ Yes i was scared, he breathes. I have started receiving WhatsApp messages on my phone. I have received over two million WhatsApps. I had never seen such a number on the phone. There were all kinds of threats, messages in other languages. I was sent messages with pictures of the cars we use that said they were coming to my house to kill me!

“You cannot live in Marseille if you are a racist”

At his club, however, Alvaro Gonzalez found support and comfort. ” I felt loved and the club was with me until the sentence was passed. The supporters have also assured me of their support. Marseille is a city where you cannot live if you are a racist. It’s impossible ! “And the person concerned having considered leaving the club for a while if he could not demonstrate his good faith. ” We clearly spoke with the coach (André Villas-Boas) and the president (Jacques-Henri Eyraud). I told them I didn’t need the money, that I could give up the rest of my contract. “It would have been a heartbreak for the one who claims to have already passed” the best year (s) of his career ” in Marseille.

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