Also in Germany: Google is expanding free retail listings

In June, Google introduced the free listings for the USA, now they are also being rolled out for Europe, Africa and the Middle East – and will be made available worldwide from mid-October.

Retailers from all over the world can list their products free of charge in Google’s shopping tab from mid-October. Previously, the function had only been rolled out for companies in the USA, with immediate effect the markets of Europe, Africa and the Middle East will follow. From the middle of the month, the search results in the shopping area will then primarily consist of the free listings. In this way, Google wants to help retailers get more customers; even if they don’t advertise on google. For the success of companies and brands on Google, the search engine company provides even more updates such as Local Services Ads and the expansion of Google for Small Business.

Significantly more views and visits thanks to free retail listings

Since the launch of the free retail listings in the USA, retailers who use them and advertise on Google at the same time have recorded an average of twice as many views and 50 percent more visits. Google explains this in the official blog post on expanding the listings. Especially SMEs would have received more traffic.

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Google’s Retail Listings in the Shopping Tab, © Google

Anyone who already uses the Merchant Center and Shopping Ads on Google does not have to do anything to post their listings free of charge in the future. This is now also possible in Germany. In Europe you can also work with the free listings via Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). In addition, Google states that in future it will significantly simplify onboarding for all companies for which the listings on Google Shopping are still new.

Find trusted local businesses with Google’s Local Services Ads

Also new to Google are the Local Services Ads, which are initially being rolled out in ten European countries:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • the Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Great Britain

These ads allow users to find trustworthy local companies and providers – for example plumbers or electrical companies. These are then provided with the Google Guarantee Badge, which could give users security because it can be used for repayments in the event of dissatisfaction.

If you use these ads, you don’t even need a website. Payment is only made when there is contact with potential customers. Clicking on the ad is also not yet chargeable. The users can then book an appointment with a simple phone call; and the companies generated their order through Google.

GGL UK Google SMB Local Services Combined DE&UK Phone_2 Sep20.png
Local Services Ads in Germany and Great Britain, © Google

Google wants to help SMEs even more comprehensively

For all companies, but especially for SMEs, Google’s new solutions are valuable in order to generate more customers and sales. The search engine company provides various options for promoting products and offers. For example, Google has now made various robots meta tags and a new HTML attribute available to retailers in order to control the display of their products in the search. In addition, Google has just launched a dedicated website for companies that clearly offers tools and even personalized recommendations.

This page was launched as part of the launch of Google for Small Business in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The Grow My Store optimization website also supports SMEs in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. Both sides with all their tools and functions are to be rolled out in even more countries in the coming months, so that users in different regions can access the features and improve their business. Especially in times of the corona pandemic, the optimization of the digital presence of companies and retailers in particular is essential. With Google’s new possibilities, potentials can be fully exploited both on the Google platforms and for your own website.

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