Already over 3 million subscribers: Peloton now advertises with Real Riders instead of wives

The fitness company Peloton now advertises with various people in the middle of life – a New York mother, a football enthusiast – and values ​​the Peloton community.

The new Peloton advertising campaign has no actresses. Instead, the focus is on people who have very different everyday lives, but who have one thing in common: They all use Peloton and have their community there, with which they ride. The new campaign aims to make people forget the “Peloton Wife”, an ad that resulted in satirical memes, criticism and a stock slump. However, the company’s numbers are already convincing during the corona pandemic.

Veteran, nurse, grandfather: Peloton advertises with its own community members

“Millions of Reasons. One Community “, that is the new peloton claim. At Christmas time 2019, the fitness company released an advertising clip that severely damaged the brand’s image. The clip about the actress, who appeared as the “Peloton Wife”, who receives a fitness bike from her husband only to present her slightly slimmer figure a year later, was criticized on Twitter and on many other platforms. Actor Ryan Reynolds also published a parody on YouTube to promote the (formerly his own) gin brand:

But as Forbes reports, a lot has changed at Peloton since then, not least the occupation of the role of CMO. The company’s new CMO, Dara Treseder – which is on Forbes ‘List of the World’s Most Influential CMOs – is responsible for the new campaign with” Real Riders “. She explains to Forbes:

Our Peloton community of more than 3.1 million members really comes from people from different walks of life. We all have our reasons, we all have our different walks of life, but we all come together as one peloton, and we wanted to show that. We wanted to show that diversity across age and race and gender and location and language. And we do that through this ad.

For example, the campaign introduces a young grandfather who loves playing games with the family at the weekend and whose favorite fitness trainer is Robin Arzón.

Another example is provided by teacher and mother Yom F. from New York, who gets on the peloton every day at 5 a.m. and calls her bike cookies. She says:

I feel empowered to ride with fellow teachers.

An important aspect of the campaign with the subtitle “Meet Our Members” is the presentation of the communities with which the users travel. One user is using the hashtag # FORMERD1ATHLETES, another Peloton user drives with the community #PELOFOODIES.

With the new large-scale video campaign, the fitness company aims to improve brand popularity. And what could help better than convinced users? Perhaps they can help to get the “Peloton Wife” out of the minds of many people and highlight the benefits that the sports brand has to offer.

The company’s numbers speak for themselves

There is no question that a large number of people are already using these advantages. Because according to the latest quarterly figures, the number of users has grown to over 3.1 million – possibly not least due to the corona pandemic. Connected Fitness Subscriptions rose 113 percent to over 1.09 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, while paid digital subscriptions grew 210 percent to over 316,800. The sales figures are similarly positive for the company: They rose by 100 percent to 1.8 billion US dollars in the 2020 fiscal year.

The largest percentage growth came from Connected Fitness Subscription Workouts at 333 percent, which were 76.8 million in Q4. And the average monthly workouts via the Connected Fitness Subscription YoY more than doubled from twelve to 24.7. With more and more programs, trainers and now a major new advertising offensive, Peloton could conquer the fitness market even further. Also in Germany, where the brand built its first European market.

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