“Aliss” by Patrick Senécal and Jeik Dion: sex, drugs and comics

Twenty years after the publication of the novel Aliss, a very dark rereading of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece by Patrick Senécal, here is the comic book for adults Aliss. This spectacular and explicit adaptation of the bestseller is signed by Patrick Senécal and Jeik Dion, an exceptionally talented cartoonist. This hellish duo wows you with this story of sex, drugs, power games, illusions and disillusions.

Alice, a beautiful and daring 18-year-old heroine, leaves CEGEP and the family cocoon in the suburbs to settle in Montreal. For her, this is the city of all possibilities and she intends to make the most of it.

However, the neighborhood she settles in is bizarre and she is surrounded by shady individuals and eccentrics. Ready for anything, she nevertheless sets out to discover pleasure, drugs and sex, while reading Nietzsche’s prose. But will she really be ready for anything?

Uncensored universe

Patrick Senécal, the Quebec horror master, explores all the faults and dark sides of the human soul in Aliss, where “Wonderland” appears in version XXX, on 272 pages. Jeik Dion, an artist also passionate about horror and the fantastic, seized it all, multiplying with his sharp pencil the qualities of the novel. The result is sensational: an abundant, disturbing, delirious, carnal, uncensored and very dark universe.

20 years ofAliss

In an interview, Patrick Senécal was full of praise for Jeik Dion, who worked for over two years, full time, on this crowdfunded project. “We wanted the book to come out this fall, to mark the 20th anniversary ofAliss. “

Jeik sent him the character sketches first, quickly capturing the characters of Alice and Charles. He made the disgusting character of Wart very well.

“The character he’s worked on the most is the Red Queen. In my novel, it is not a girl who is that beautiful, according to the canons of traditional beauty, but she had to have no class and a great sexual charge should emerge from her. . “

Destabilizing universe

Patrick Senécal wondered how he was going to end up in the world ofAliss. “Jeik has achieved a lot with the layout, which is fragmented and unsettling, like the world of Aliss is. He said to me: we have to feel that this world is a little weird and weird. Looking at the boxes and the bubbles, you should feel this state. I think he’s been perfectly successful and it works: we are in a world that is both unhealthy and attractive. “

The writer found it “great” that it has no limits, unlike the cinema. “We can do whatever we want. And besides, it was a trap at first. Jeik had the intelligence to see it coming and told me that the risk was to put in so much sex and violence that it would become complacent. He didn’t want to fall into this. The sex scenes are gradual and the sexuality reaches its peak in the orgy at the Palace. “

The author specifies that he and Jeik wanted to make a “trashy” book, but to do it smart. “I did not want to fall into the trap of excessive excess.”

The pandemic

Furthermore, Patrick Senécal has gone through the confinement period well and is not too worried about the future of the world. “Maybe that’s my usual cynicism … Me, I find that things are bad all the time in the world anyway. The pandemic is just one more sign. And it will pass, while human bullshit will not pass. ”

♦ Patrick Senécal is considered the master of horror novels in Quebec.

♦ We owe him many bestsellers, including Aliss, series Malphas, Hell.com, The Seven Days of Talion and 5150 rue des Ormes.

♦ His next novel is very advanced and he has written a podcast that will be out soon.

♦ His TV series was not shot due to the pandemic.

♦ The cartoonist Jeik Dion has adapted many Quebec works, including Turbo Kid and Amos Daragon.

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