Aldi on TikTok: The zeitgeist just missed the mark

Aldi Nord starts its own TikTok Challenge. Although the move could create brand awareness, the brand misses a lot of potential. TikTok expert Adil Sbai explains why.

Aldi Nord’s first and so far only video recorded 17.3 million views on TikTok. The discount giant’s account already has 31,800 followers. The #featuringALDI Challenge is Aldi’s attempt to position itself at TikTok in order to bind users to the brand in the long term. Over 90 million views of videos with the corresponding hashtag speak for a success that is based on the catchy tune of the sound “Price Price Baby”. Despite the promising numbers, Aldi’s Challenge challenges some patterns that are important to TikTok and its users for long-term success. After all, that could have a major impact on branding.

Implemented too aggressively: Aldi misses the chance to debrand

TikTok has been on everyone’s lips for months. The app broke the two billion downloads mark this year and topped the charts in this area in Q1 in front of Instagram and Facebook. More and more influencers and users are gathering on the short video platform – and brands are also following suit. According to a study by Takumi, many user influencers now trust TikTok more than joy when it comes to buying decisions.

“TikTok will make life difficult for mainstream and Instagram,” said TikTok expert Adil Sbai, CEO of OnlinePunks and the influencer search engine influData, recently explained in an interview with us. He emphasized:

The next few years will be very exciting for brands that are now brave.

This rating can be attested to Aldi Nord. Because the company tries to combine a catchy sound with the sharing of special dance inserts. In addition to influencers who support the campaign, other users should also set up Aldi Nord adden’s account and their videos under the hashtag #featuringALDI.

@Aldi north

Take part in the ## featuringALDI Challenge and celebrate the ALDI price!

♬ ALDI price price baby – ALDI North

Although the track “Baby Price Baby” catches the eye, the challenge goes beyond the status of a branded, but above all content-oriented idea. Because the Aldi brand is always present and very prominent in the promoted videos.

What Aldi is doing here is de facto classic advertising. But it works increasingly poorly when trying to give it a cool coat of paint. The future lies in real added value for the customer.

means Adil Sbai.


## Advertising – I celebrate the ALDIPreis ## featuringALDI and have the catchy tune of the year. Now it’s your turn! @Aldinord

♬ ALDI price price baby – ALDI North


## featuringALDI ## aldi ## kassel ## foryoupage ## fyp ## advertising ## foryou ## viral

♬ ALDI price price baby – ALDI North

This could deter users, as could the invitation: “Take part in the #featuringALDI Challenge and celebrate the ALDI price!” The call to “celebrate” the price at the discounter could also have negative effects.

At Aldi, the focus is not on the message of the challenge, but rather on the brand – and the price. On the one hand, this looks real, on the other hand, the emphasis on low prices is not necessarily positively connoted, especially among younger generations such as Gen Z, which is widely represented on TikTok. Adil Sbai explains why:

Firstly, because at some point every price is no longer the cheapest. Who says that you can’t order much cheaper via Amazon in five years? “Stinginess is cool” also became problematic for Saturn because Amazon was cheaper at some point. Generation Z is also more aware than before. Social media should convey values ​​and emotions. If you have to convince about the price, you will miss the huge potential of this channel.

This aspect could also have a negative impact if the creators involved jeopardize their authenticity and may then no longer be available in the future.

The Aldi Nord account on TikTok
The Aldi Nord account on TikTok, screenshot TikTok

What other brands have done better

Aldi Nord’s move to position itself on TikTok, like competitor Lidl, may have laid an important foundation stone for expanded social media branding. And the brand should definitely generate awareness among the still young user group on TikTok.

The campaign already has over 90 million views and affordable prices are arguably an argument for many. However, my philosophy is: If you take a six-figure sum in your hand and dare to use a new platform, then you should also do it in the language of the respective platform,

so Sbai. He also criticizes:

And even if the branding is not too strong, I find it at least tricky to only argue about the price when Aldi could have emphasized so many other exciting points about himself and his company history or philosophy.

In this way, Aldi can learn something from the campaigns of other brands. For example, Congstar started the challenge with the hashtag #probiertwasgeht, which has almost 660 million views and hardly comes across as a heavily branded request. In addition, the brand, like Ahoj Brause, created a can-you-relate? Moment with the hashtag #pulverdichauf, which encourages interaction for various users.


Aim high. I’ve tried what’s going on and I’m proud of myself. Now it’s your turn. ## probiertwasgeht ## mut ## congstar ## climbing @congstar ## advertisement

♬ congstar #triedwhat goes – congstar

Users on TikTok are more likely to feel the attraction of showing what they have achieved, how they are pushing themselves during a challenge – it must be about them as people. The incentive, a dance For Sharing Aldi may not be for the masses.

The user should always are in focus. When brands cheer themselves up, it never matters, least of all on TikTok. A brand is what customers make of it. That is why authenticity and self-irony are much more popular. Generation Z does not want a high gloss, but honesty and values. “Low prices” are not values,

summarizes Adil Sbai.

What potential Aldi Nord could use

The #featuringeALDI Challenge is an exciting project from Aldi Nord and could be a very important first step for the brand to take the trend platform TikTok for itself. So far, however, some potential has not been used. However, TikTok expert Sbai has some ideas on how Aldi could have done it much better. So you could have thematized the impressive history of Aldi and the Aldi family, the regional products or Aldi’s quality promise for at fair prices. Sbai specifically emphasized that an approach that would have helped identify users would have been more valuable. Such actions would have been possible:

Adil Sbai
Adil Sbai
  • Influencers could ask older and less mobile neighbors whether they can shop for them. A shopping list is handed over, then shopping is done, jokes are made with the employees, the purchases are handed over. In the end, you can even add the receipt and show more subtly how cheap ALDI is. The whole quick cut in vlog style would be very well received because there is a meaning behind it and a good deed that is still relevant because old people belong to risk groups.
  • One could ask 500 customers after shopping why they buy from Aldi, how they define Aldi, what makes Aldi so special for them; and quickly and dynamically cut the best answers from it. If a good moderator does this – ideally an influencer, it could be very well received.
  • You could also show employees who make some mess during their lunch break, like “human bowling” from Congstar.
  • It would also be conceivable to invite Creator for a day and let them work for a trainee. The whole thing cut quickly and in vlog style with voiceover, so that they describe their day at Aldi would have potential for the brand.
  • Information about the producers would also be interesting: Where does the butter XYZ actually come from? So an option would be to go to the production facility, explain the manufacture and let the influencers describe it in their own words.

With the attention Aldi Nord is already generating, the brand with optimized future challenges or content could ensure that the millions of users have the discount pioneer present and that many shop there today, tomorrow and for a long time. Maybe the experience with the first challenge will help with this process, maybe next time Aldi Nord will need support from TikTokers, who will steer the campaign for users and consumers in a direction that focuses more on a social experience, less on pure social branding. That comes closer to the zeitgeist, at least on TikTok.

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