After the Hamilton incident: driver for changing the penalty point system

( – Lewis Hamilton’s Sochi starting exercises continue to cause discussions. After the world champion was punished and the two penalty points withdrawn, the pilots demand a reform of the points system. The Formula 1 drivers mainly criticize the fact that penalty points are automatically awarded for seemingly harmless violations.

Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton currently leads the ranking with eight penalty points



The penalty point system was originally introduced to adequately punish particularly dangerous maneuvers and incidents, such as collisions or driving too fast under yellow light. But the pilots believe that this mechanism is no longer being used properly.

“I have this topic in the drivers’ meeting [auf dem Nürburgring] addressed “, explains Daniil Kwjat.” Sometimes a driver gets some, then they are denied again. I think that should be checked. “The Russian thinks that no penalty points should be imposed for minor offenses.

“If someone is responsible for a dangerous collision or a very dangerous maneuver, and the question of guilt is clear, then it is justified. But for blue flags, or all this bullshit, you really don’t need points on the license,” said the AlphaTauri driver.

Postscript: “The [Formel 1] is not a taxi rank. We always have to be able to push to the limit. I think the system simply needs to be reformed. “His team-mate Pierre Gasly can only agree with these statements.” I’m not a big fan of these points, “admits the Frenchman.

Above all, he can understand Kvyat’s anger: “Dani talked about it because he got a few points even though he didn’t drive dangerously. It’s a little strange.” Specifically, Kwjat is currently at four penalty points (until October 27). In Spain he had ignored blue flags in the race and received his only point so far this season.

“I think we all respect each other. Sometimes you clash with other drivers, that’s part of motorsport. But in the end there is always respect. I don’t think that’s the way you deal with incidents should handle, “says Gasly.

McLaren competitor Lando Norris agrees that the driver briefing in the Eifel was a special opportunity for drivers to express their opinions on the subject. “Hopefully the commissioners now have a better understanding of what a penalty point should and should not be awarded for.”

He is also of the opinion that penalty points should only be awarded if there is a serious rule violation. After all, too many points can lead to a race suspension (with a maximum of twelve points). FIA race director Michael Masi did not want to join the public debate.

“Drivers briefing discussions are held between the drivers, the team managers and myself. And we will continue to discuss in this environment.” He had to explain himself after the Russian Grand Prix, when Hamilton initially received two penalty points for his starting exercises.

However, after the race, the points were converted into a fine. Otherwise the Briton would already have ten points. He currently leads the ranking with eight points, ahead of Alexander Albon (seven) and Kwjat (four).

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