After Honda-Aus: Red Bull speaks of “three options” for Motor 2022

( – Helmut Marko has revealed that Red Bull has three options for the engine question after the exit of Honda at the end of 2021. And – that is the most important thing for many Formula 1 fans at the moment – an end to the commitment in the premier class is none of them: “That is not the intention,” assures the Red Bull motorsport consultant in an interview with ‘Sky’.

Helmut Marko and Toto Wolff

Pretty best enemies: Helmut Marko from Red Bull and Toto Wolff from Mercedes



Of course, this worst-case scenario cannot be ruled out with one hundred percent certainty either: “If, for whatever reason, there is no competitive engine for us,” says the Austrian, and there are no chances of success, “that would be a possibility. But it is currently not planned. I am positive. “

There are currently three engine manufacturers involved in Formula 1: Mercedes will equip four teams in 2021, Ferrari three, Renault one. In theory, if you couldn’t find a solution yourself, Red Bull could ask the FIA ​​for help – and thus force Renault to supply the two Red Bull teams by means of regulations.

However, it is unlikely that this last resort will have to be taken. Renault has already indicated that it is ready for talks. Same goes for Ferrari. Red Bull has already worked with both plants in the past. Only from Mercedes came a clear rejection on Friday.

Wolff remains with no to Red Bull cooperation

Toto Wolff clarifies that Red Bull will definitely not be supplied “for various reasons”. One reason is the capacity issue. When asked what the other “different reasons” were, the Mercedes team boss stuttered. Only after a long hesitation does he repeat: “Above all, there are capacity reasons.”

“In truth, we hardly manage to produce engines for four teams. We don’t want to have different cycles when we make an engine available to whom. That would also be against the rules. There aren’t eight engines that we deploy at the same time need to go for an update, but in truth there are probably 16 or more with the replacement motors. “

And that is “simply not logistically and financially possible. Everything else is a soft factor, but it does not have a major impact.” For example, the Wolff-Marko relationship, which has been strained for years, or the fact that the last engine negotiations between Mercedes and Red Bull have led to a number of misunderstandings.

Honda gets out: what’s next for Red Bull?

After Honda withdrew from Formula 1, Red Bull had to look for a new engine manufacturer. And there is already speculation: Is Volkswagen coming?

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From the Red Bull point of view, Renault, Ferrari remain – and the option of answering the engine question in some form yourself. It would be conceivable, for example, to buy the current technology and the workshop in Milton Keynes from Honda and further develop the engine there on its own. For example with the help of AVL or Mario Illien.

“We check all possibilities,” says Marko, without specifying the three possibilities. “After Toto’s rejection on Friday that Mercedes didn’t have any engines for us, the three other options remain. We want to have that sorted out by the end of November.”

Marko: “It looks good at the moment”

“The basic requirement for us is that we have a competitive engine with which we can fight for the World Cup. It looks good at the moment. But none of these three remaining variants will be easy.”

Marko does not want to commit himself to what is currently the most realistic possibility: “We have too little data. We have to analyze it in all directions. After all, it’s about a period of four years. That has to be a decision that sits well.” . “

However, if Formula 1 and the FIA ​​agree to introduce a new drive technology before 2026, a new manufacturer could theoretically join in earlier. The Volkswagen Group has been said to have been interested for years. The technically realistic entry point is 2024.

But Volkswagen (Porsche? Audi?) Will not make the same mistake as Honda and get into a technology in which the competition has years of development lead. To do this, everyone would have to start with a blank sheet of paper to ensure equal opportunities. A variant to be discussed soon …

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