After 3: 3 against Turkey

Cologne (AP) – Questions to national coach Joachim Löw in the online press conference after the German national soccer team’s 3: 3 against Turkey in Cologne.

Question: How do you sum up this test game? And what knowledge did you gain?

Joachim Löw: The result pisses us off. When you lead three times and, like in September against Spain, actually concede the equalizer at the last minute, that’s pretty annoying. But the problem has existed for a long time that we are giving up guided tours. We will address this before the Ukraine game so that we can learn from such situations in the future. We need to address a few points. About the game: There were a few good attacks, the goals were played out nicely. We had light and shadow in our game. There are therefore good insights that we take with us.

Question: How important will it be to end this curse of wasting victories in Ukraine this Saturday?

Löw: Of course it will be important now that we make the next games victorious. There will be another team on the pitch in Ukraine. I can assure you that everyone is hot and highly motivated to win the next game. I think we can do it.

Question: How do you rate Florian Neuhaus’ debut?

Löw: Florian played a good game. He scored a very nice goal, that played out really well. He had many actions in the game. He was very confident on the ball, he sometimes went through midfield with the ball at high speed. When the goal was conceded to 2-2, you have to say that it was a clear foul play on him that preceded the action. He can’t do anything about that, it’s not his fault. Overall, I was happy.

Question: You said you wanted to raise a few points because of the playful tours. Which will it be? Is the problem in the head? Is that carelessness? Fatigue?

Löw: No, tiredness is neither an excuse nor an explanation, that would also be too easy. We have a loss of game control in some games. Then there is the exploitation of chances: We had chances to make it 3-1 this time too. In the end there were also a few simple ball losses in some zones. And when I see the goal to 3: 3, then it’s about the allocation in the sixteenth. There it goes hand to hand, there is no spatial coverage. But that is also a matter of concentration and mentality. We do a lot of things well, but we have to reward ourselves.

Question: What do you expect from the Bayern players when you join the team again?

Löw: The Bayern players have a lot more experience in such games. They bring the quality that you need in such close games. We will benefit from that.

Question: Do you still think the back three is the right system for your team? Do you want to hold on to it in defense?

Löw: Switching to a back four is no problem for us. We have enough opportunities and enough players who can do that. Both systems are a variant for me for the future. The chain of three has already proven itself in a number of games. It’s not down to the system whether we win or draw like we did in the last few games. Everything on the pitch is very variable anyway. We often turn a chain of three into a two-man defense by having a defender move forward into midfield with the ball. We can then play with three strikers and put the full-backs very high on the wing. These are all nuances.

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