A resounding slap in the face for Sebastian Vettel: “Couldn’t go well”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel had certainly imagined the season opener of Formula 1 2020 to be different. At the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, he clearly fought with his Ferrari SF1000 and finished tenth, more than 20 seconds behind his time-mate teammate Charles Leclerc. Our traditional grades on Monday after the Austrian Grand Prix were almost even thicker.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel didn’t get along well with the Ferrari in Spielberg



Because Vettel ended up with a score of 4.9 in last place. For comparison: Even rookie Nicholas Latifi, who didn’t glory with himself last weekend, got a grade of 4.3. “The attack on Sainz, with such a large gap, could not go well,” analyzes Formula 1 expert Marc Surer. “In addition, he didn’t make it into Q3. An absolute false start.”

“Somehow he lacked a bit of speed in qualifying. In the race he was very clumsy and tried something that could not really go. But he was so fair that he then turned himself without really doing anything to the others You have to say that he at least solved it very fairly. But that wasn’t the Vettel we expected. “

The second multiple champion in the field, Lewis Hamilton, did not score any points for the election of driver of the year 2020 in eleventh place (mark 3.1). Incidentally, his note was heatedly discussed in the editorial office. From grade 2 to grade 4 everything was there. Ultimately, we got together on grade 3.

Surer: Hamilton could have prevented the collision

The distributed Surer. Not so much because of the sporty performance, because it was perfect: “Lewis was the faster of the two Mercedes drivers in the race.” But: The collision with Albon “could have been avoided”, he thinks – and still rates the five-second penalty as “hard. For me it was a racing accident.”

In view of the loss of favorites, the way was clear for a newcomer at the top of our driver grades: Lando Norris was named number 1 for third place and the fastest lap in Spielberg. Both Surer and the editors gave Valtteri Bottas grade 1. The difference, however, was the better user voting.

Overall, more than 1,200 users of Motorsport-Total.com voted at the season opener and awarded their own grades. Norris came in at an average of 1.53 – and kept a thin hand against Bottas (1.57).

For Surer, a deserved winner: “He was the faster McLaren driver. And the last fastest lap was strong.” Even if Bottas has “withstood the pressure with confidence”, as the former Formula 1 driver praises.

Surer is of the opinion, however, that the course of the race helped Bottas – also in the team duel with Hamilton: “If they hadn’t been slowed down by the team, who knows what would have happened? They were slowed down because of the technology. But for me it also appeared that they wanted to calm them down so much. “

Albon: At least consolation points for driver grades

Without the collision after the last safety car phase, Surer is convinced, Alexander Albon would have won the Grand Prix. The unrewarded hero of the race finished seventh in our ranking, with a mark of 2.5. If only the users had voted, he would have finished fourth with a grade of 2.4.

“He would have got Bottas as easily as he passed Hamilton on the outside, without DRS,” Surer analyzes. “It was brave to drive out there and it just went wrong.”

The Red Bull drivers also ensured that the shreds flew at the editorial meeting. Albon looked like Spielberg’s silent hero, but ultimately had luck with safety cars. In terms of speed, he had nothing to oppose Max Verstappen. Four tenths of a second were missing in qualifying.

“He’s missing around three tenths of a second,” Surer nods. “I think that should be missing on a Verstappen. But he would have to file it down a little bit. In addition, he fights unhappily. There are drivers who are lucky – and there are the Hülkenbergs who are unlucky at the crucial moment Albon also seems to have leased the bad luck. “

Our first podium finishes for the 2020 season go to Bottas and Charles Leclerc, who from Surer’s perspective has “made the most of the situation”. Sergio Perez (5th) had “stupid” bad luck with the speeding in the pit lane, which led to the penalty. And Daniel Ricciardo (“There was more possible”) finished ninth in front of Esteban Ocon (“Not in motion”) on P18.

Driver grades: How it works

The Idea behind our grades is to evaluate the performance on a weekend and especially in the race with grades (1 = very good, 6 = insufficient). External influences that the drivers cannot control themselves are to be hidden. And so that not only the editorial staff subjectively evaluates, as is the case with football magazines, we have created a total of three equal pillars with the readers and the expert.

The ultimate driver ranking Austria 2020:
01. Lando Norris, note 1.2 (Reader 1,5 – Surer 1 – Redaktion 1)
02. Valtteri Bottas, note 1.2 (Reader 1,6 – Surer 1 – Redaktion 1)
03. Charles Leclerc, note 2.1 (Reader 2,2 – Surer 2 – Redaktion 2)
04. Carlos Sainz, note 2.2 (Reader 2.5 – Surer 2 – Editor 2)
05. Sergio Perez, note 2.2 (Reader 2,6 – Surer 2 – Redaktion 2)
06. Max Verstappen, grade 2.2 (Reader 2,7 – Surer 2 – Redaktion 2)
07. Alexander Albon, note 2.5 (Reader 2,4 – Surer 2 – Redaktion 3)
08. George Russell, note 2.6 (Reader 2.8 – Surer 2 – Editor 3)
09. Daniel Ricciardo, note 3.0 (Reader 3.0 – Surer 3 – Editor 3)
10. Pierre Gasly, note 3.0 (Reader 3.1 – Surer 3 – Editor 3)
11. Lewis Hamilton, note 3.1 (Readers 3.3 – Surer 3 – Editor 2)
12. Lance Stroll, note 3.1 (Readers 3.3 – Surer 3 – Editor 3)
13. Antonio Giovinazzi, note 3.1 (Reader 3,4 – Surer 2 – Redaktion 4)
14. Daniil Kwjat, note 3.1 (Reader 3,4 – Surer 3 – Redaktion 3)
15. Kevin Magnussen, grade 3.3 (Reader 3.9 – Surer 3 – Redaktion 3)
16. Kimi Raikkonen, grade 3.5 (Reader 3,4 – Surer 3 – Redaktion 4)
17. Romain Grosjean, note 3.7 (Reader 4,2 – Surer 3 – Redaktion 4)
18. Esteban Ocon, note 3.8 (Reader 3,5 – Surer 4 – Redaktion 4)
19. Nicholas Latifi, note 4.3 (Readers 3.9 – Surer 4 – Editor 5)
20. Sebastian Vettel, note 4.9 (Reader 4.7 – Surer 5 – Editor 5)

And this is how we calculate:
We determine the average from the average rating of Motorsport-Total.com users, the rating by expert Marc Surer and the rating by our editorial team. Our driver ranking results from this average value. We only show one decimal place, but we use all decimal places for the calculation. The order of the ranking of two drivers with supposed tie equivalency results from these partially invisible decimal places.

The driver grade world championship stand 2020:
01. Lando Norris (25)
02. Valtteri Bottas (18)
03. Charles Leclerc (15)
04. Carlos Sainz (12)
05.Sergio Perez (10)
06. Max Verstappen (8)
07. Alexander Albon (6)
08. George Russell (4)
09.Daniel Ricciardo (2)
10. Pierre Gasly (1)

The best driver will be awarded an award for the driver of the year 2020 at the end of the season.

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