A first laughable and very cacophonous debate

Democratic candidate Joe Biden quietly won his first face-to-face meeting yesterday with outgoing US President Donald Trump after 90 minutes of cacophonous discussions.

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“Biden is a winner if only because he comes out of the debate largely unscathed,” argues US policy scholar Rafael Jacob.

“Trump arrived in a bad position. The least we can say is that he did not act to improve his position, “continues the researcher associated with the Raoul-Dandurand chair at UQAM.

Tens of millions of Americans had their eyes riveted on the 70-year-olds for this first debate in Cleveland, key state Ohio.

Recall the order

Fox News moderator Chris Wallace had to regularly call President Trump to order, who seemed to take pleasure in interrupting “Sleeping Joe”, whose physical and mental capacities he made fun of. since weeks.

But was the former Democratic vice president really lacking in alertness?

“If so, good for him,” says Mr. Jacob. It projects an image of respite. After tonight [hier], that may be attractive to many people. “

TRump’s taxes

The game was divided into 15-minute segments addressing six themes: the Supreme Court, COVID-19, racial violence and tensions in American cities, the economy, the record of the two candidates and the integrity of the election. .

Trump’s shenanigans to avoid paying tax, “gold ammunition in Biden’s hands,” gave way to acrimonious exchanges.

With less than 35 days before the election, very few voters remain to be convinced. Two polls released in September revealed that a paltry 3% said they were still undecided.

And they still give Joe Biden a seven point lead.

“The first debate is the most important of the three, the most listened to, and this is where the big guns come out […]. But the debates are more entertainment than information, “says the professor of applied politics at the University of Sherbrooke Karine Prémont.

Sad spectacle

For Mr. Jacob, this “spectacle” was “of infinite sorrow for American voters and American democracy.”

The defeat of Donald Trump risks amplifying his anguish: he could become the first president not to be re-elected since the defeat of George H. W. Bush to Bill Clinton in 1992.

“Voting intentions have not changed much since April, since the health crisis has worsened in the United States,” said the professor.

“Can you shut up boy?” It does not sound presidential. ” – Joe Biden

“There is nothing smart about you, Joe. ” – Donald Trump

“It’s hard to place a word with this clown … Excuse me, this person.” ” – Joe Biden

“It’s not going to end well. ” – Donald Trump, after refusing to speak out against white supremacy and allay concerns about election violence

“This presidency has made us weaker, poorer, more violent and more divided. ” – Joe Biden

“In 47 months, I did more than you in 47 years. ” – Donald Trump

“You are the worst president America has ever had. Come on. ” – Joe Biden

“I guess I’m debating you. ” –Donald Trump to moderator Chris Wallace

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