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If he had always been in this world, John Lennon would have celebrated his 80 last weeke anniversary. This book, which brings him back to life, could not have come at a better time.

Much like Tim Murphy did in 2017 with The Christodora buildingAmerican writer Tom Barbash has also decided to use a famous New York building to plot his plot. Namely the Dakota Building, which can still be admired around the corner of 72e Street and Central Park West on the Upper West Side.

It was there that in the late 1970s, 23-year-old Anton Winter would be forced to return. After having contracted malaria in Gabon, he will indeed have to put his humanitarian mission plans on hold, the time to rebuild his strength at daddy – mum. But very quickly, the situation will be far from easy!

Good neighborly relations

In almost as bad shape as his son, Buddy Winter is struggling to recover from the nervous breakdown that led him to give up live on the set of Buddy Winter Show, the popular talkshow which he had animated for a good ten years.

The only thing that can possibly help him recover? Another show in which he could once again host all of the biggest stars of the day. And in the Dakota Building, that’s not what’s missing. Just two floors above his head, there are notably John Lennon and his wife Yoko. So if his son Anton was willing to lend him a hand, maybe he would be able to restart his career soon.

A colorful family saga that allows us to rub shoulders with an impressive array of personalities … while an unhinged man named Mark David Chapman is about to commit the worst.


The republic of happiness

With Tsubaki stationery, published in 2018, the Japanese writer Ito Ogawa has captured an astonishing number of readers. Who will surely be delighted to find this small stationery, the seaside town of Kamakura and the young public writer Hatoko, who is now married. Because The republic of happiness is the continuation and this time again, it is with real happiness that we read it.

Felix and the invisible source

With this eighth part of the Cycle of the Invisible, the Franco-Belgian writer Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt allows us to know a little more about animism, a belief according to which animals, plants and natural phenomena are endowed with a soul. Because in order to try to cure his mother, who suffers from a very strange illness, young Felix will have to travel to Africa. A pretty story.

The queen of the potato

Coming to Quebec in the late 1970s, Françoise Chadaillac was especially struck by our potato stands. Result? She set out to travel around the province photographing everyone she passed and forty years later, you can see what it looks like in this large format book. Who flips from cover to cover with a smile on her face.

The bread workshop

Baking your own bread is much easier than you think. You only have to open this book to discover 50 ways to enhance our breakfasts. White bread, bread in olive oil, chocolate-coconut bread, brioche bread with muesli, caramel and walnut brioche, focaccia with herbs and goat cheese, English muffins, small baguettes … And the good news is that you don’t need a bread maker to bake all of this.


Shoes on the beach

It’s no longer really a secret: to find an incredible variety of seashells, you have to go to the islands of Sanibel and Captiva in western Florida. Usually all you have to do is bend down to pick up magnificent specimens. But sometimes, pushed by the waves, it happens that frankly strange things fail on the beach. For example, dozens and dozens of pale green shoes … with one foot severed at the ankle on the inside.

Against a current

Life is well done, because the unclassifiable Inspector Aloysius Pendergast is resting just a few hundred kilometers away, on an island of Florida that does not appear on any map. And yes, he will quickly agree to interrupt his vacation to investigate at short notice this very curious case which is starting to smell bad. But obviously, there is no question of following the established procedure. No matter what his FBI superiors think about it, Pendergast prefers to apply his own methods which, once again, will prove to be as whimsical as they work.

A pleasant 19e opus in which we can very well immerse ourselves without necessarily having read the previous volumes.

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