A courteous debate, a vice-president, a candidate and … a fly

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly, in the opinion of the twittosphere, the surprise guest. Right in the middle of the debate when we were talking about police violence, a fly landed on Mike Pence’s white hair and remained there for several long minutes, to the delight of social networks that went there saw a “Metaphor” for the collapse of the Republican Party. But it was above all a sign that, unlike the cacophonous confrontation between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the Kamala Harris-Mike Pence debate took place in a relatively calm and courteous manner, even if they did not spare spades. and attacks.

Usually, the clash between the two vice-presidents does not excite the crowds. But this year, with the hospitalization of Donald Trump and the two oldest candidates in history running, it has become “the most important debate of vice-presidents in American history”, according to John Hudak, of the Brookings Institution. In short, it was a question of whether they were cut out to occupy the Oval Office at a moment’s notice in the event of a health problem with their running mate.

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Kamala Harris had two objectives: first she had to make lie the cartoonish image with which the Republicans have decked her out with a formidable leftist harpy who, once elected, will pull the strings of the puppet Joe. Then she had to attack the Trump administration, which she did not deny. The former attorney general appeared calm, relaxed, and spoke about her actions while operating in California and her role in the Senate. Above all, it has drawn up a clear indictment of the management of the pandemic. It is “the biggest failure of any administration in the history of this country”, she said, recalling the 210,000 deaths, job losses, business closures … She said accused Mike Pence and the president of hiding the danger in January. “They knew it and they covered it up, they downplayed its seriousness. She also put a lot of emphasis on health and the fact that Donald Trump wanted to dismantle Obamacare, which would deprive people with a medical history of insurance. She also took pleasure in recalling the fact that the president has paid little or no taxes, that he appears, according to her, with the dictators and that he supports white supremacists …

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“The greatest national mobilization since World War II”

Mike Pence, used to oratorical games after a stint as a radio host and especially after spending four years defending the president, once again played a calm and concise version of Donald Trump. He began by saying that it was “a privilege” to be on the scene with his Democratic rival, then, as a good VRP, promoted the administration’s policies. He assured that Donald Trump had led “the greatest national mobilization since World War II” against the pandemic, that Joe Biden’s plan to fight the virus was a copy of that of the White House. “When you look at Biden’s plan,” he said, “it looks awfully like what President Trump and I and our cell are doing. “

The fly, star of the debate on Twitter.

He praised Trump’s economic record (tax cuts, in particular), that on the environment, his war with China or his fight against Daesh … Often taking some liberties with the facts. He, for example, assured that the president “would follow the science” in terms of global warming … three years after leaving the Paris agreements. Promoter and striker! He attacked the Biden-Harris couple who will increase taxes, regulations, impose an extremist green policy that will kill jobs and cost a fortune – by banning the extraction of shale gas …

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Pence, loyal to Trump

On the other hand, he spoke very little about his role and his action in the White House, while this debate was a way of putting himself forward for the next election in 2024, where he will probably be a candidate if Donald Trump is reelected. However, he had things to say about his role, for example, at the head of the cell in charge of managing the pandemic. He preferred to play the good and loyal soldiers and give Donald Trump all the credit. Maybe because he knows the president can’t stand being overshadowed.

Finally, the two candidates dodged many questions. The Democrat declined to say whether they intended to increase the number of Supreme Court justices, Mike Pence if he wanted to ban abortion or if he would agree to concede defeat in the election. Both kicked in touch on the way they saw China …

Once again, this debate is not going to change the dynamics of the election, but we have at least avoided the rat race. Perhaps that is why His Majesty the Fly has stayed so long and so peacefully on Mike Pence’s skull …

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