40,000 people will test the Russian vaccine

Scientist working on the Russian vaccine in Moscow, August 6, 2020.

The pandemic due to the new coronavirus has killed nearly 788,000 people worldwide since the end of December, according to a report established on Thursday, August 20, by Agence France-Presse (AFP) from official sources. Latin America and the Caribbean have passed 250,000 coronavirus deaths.

The United States remains the country most affected, with 173,193 dead, according to the official report. Followed by Brazil (111,100 dead), Mexico (58,481 dead), India (53,866 dead) and the United Kingdom (41,397 dead).

  • For the World Bank, 100 million more people in extreme poverty

The health crisis could have pushed 100 million people into extreme poverty around the world, even more than previously estimated, World Bank President David Malpass warned Thursday in an interview with AFP.

The institution estimates that 70 to 100 million people could fall into extreme poverty, and “This number could increase” whether the pandemic worsens or lasts, he said. A previous estimate was 60 million people. This makes “Imperative”, for creditors, to reduce the debt of poor countries, said David Malpass, going further than calls to extend the moratorium on the debt of poor countries decided in April.

  • “More than 40,000 people” to test Russian vaccine

Despite skepticism from scientists and the international community, Russia has decided to test its vaccine, Sputnik V. Starting next week, “More than forty thousand people in more than forty-five medical centers” will participate in clinical trials, said Thursday (August 20th) Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian sovereign wealth fund associated with the development of the vaccine.

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During an online briefing on Thursday, he further announced that immunization of “Groups at risk”, including medical staff, would also start next week on a voluntary basis.

Mr. Dmitriev assured to foresee the beginning of “Massive vaccinations in Russia in October”, with the first overseas vaccine deliveries scheduled for November or December. A delegation from the Saudi health ministry is expected to visit Moscow next week, he said. More than twenty countries have applied for the purchase of one billion doses of the vaccine, he added. He noted that Russia has agreed to vaccine production in five countries.

Sputnik V, the name given in reference to the first man-made satellite in history, was viewed with skepticism around the world, not least because of the lack of a final phase of testing when it was announced. “We have seen a significant change in tone from the World Health Organization [OMS], tried to reassure Mr. Dmitriev. Initially, indeed, they did not have enough information about the Russian vaccine, now official information has been sent and they will evaluate it. “

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  • The coasts of Croatia placed in risk zone by Berlin

Germany has placed part of Croatia’s tourist coasts in a risk zone due to the high number of cases of infections with the new coronavirus, the Robert-Koch Institut has announced. However, the measure does not include the very touristy area of ​​Dubrovnik. Conversely, Luxembourg has been removed from this list which provides for travelers returning from these countries to be tested and observe quarantine.

  • The King of Morocco calls for citizenship

The same concerns in Morocco about the “Exceptional increase in cases of infection” to the new coronavirus. King Mohamed VI calls on citizens to be more civic-minded to avoid a reconfinement of the country.

Morocco has been experiencing an outbreak of contaminations since the beginning of August, with a thousand new cases per day. “If this upward trend continues, the Scientific Commission responsible for monitoring the evolution of Covid-19 could recommend a return to confinement, he warned. The social and economic repercussions would be severe for all citizens. “

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