2020 US election: Vice President Pence’s chief of staff infected with coronavirus

Presidential election in the news ticker: US Vice President Pence’s chief of staff infected with coronavirus

US election 2020 in the news ticker: On November 3, US President Donald Trump is standing for re-election. Former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden wants to replace him. Everything you need to know about the 2020 US election can be found in the FOCUS Online news ticker.

US Vice President Pence’s chief of staff infected with coronavirus

Sunday, October 25th, 8:44 am: There is another corona case in the vicinity of the administration of US President Donald Trump. Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, had tested positive for the corona virus, a White House spokesman said on Saturday (local time). Short went into quarantine and supported the authorities in tracking contacts. Surf tip: You can find all the news about the corona virus in the news ticker from FOCUS Online

Pence and his wife Karen had tested negative, the spokesman said. Both are “in good health”. In consultation with the doctors in the White House, Pence will continue his election campaign as planned.

The number of new corona infections in the USA recently rose to a new record high. On Saturday, the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore reported 88,973 cases of infection within 24 hours. The record value of almost 80,000 new infections announced the previous day was thus clearly exceeded again.

A good week before the presidential election, the corona pandemic plays a central role in the election campaign. US President Trump, who survived a corona infection himself, has repeatedly downplayed the danger posed by the virus. His challenger Joe Biden of the opposition Democrats accuses the Republican of failing to manage the crisis.

With more than 224,000 coronavirus-related deaths, the United States is the most severely affected country in the world by the pandemic in absolute terms. There have already been a number of corona infections in the vicinity of Trump. In addition to the president himself, the first lady Melania Trump and the presidential advisor Hope Hicks were infected with the virus.

Trump calls Sacha Baron Cohen “a lying guy”

Saturday, October 24th, 9:26 am: According to his own account, US President Donald Trump has never been a fan of British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who attracted the anger of Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani because of an explosive scene in his new film “Borat Anschluss Moviefilm”. Baron Cohen was a “lying guy”, said Trump on Friday (local time) during a flight with the presidential plane Air Force One in front of journalists. “I don’t think he’s funny.”

Trump said the British actor tried to “trick” him about 15 years ago. He was the “only one” who had put Baron Cohen in his place. “It was a creep for me,” added the US president.

Trump spoke in connection with a film scene in the new “Borat” film, which shows his lawyer Giuliani in a compromising situation. In the film, released on Friday, Giuliani can be seen flirting with a young woman on a hotel bed who posed as a reporter. The former New York mayor seems to be sticking his hand in his pants.

Giuliani described the scene as “pure fake” even before the film was released. In the online service Twitter, the 76-year-old wrote on Wednesday that he only tucked his shirt into his pants after removing the recording device; At no point did he “behave inappropriately”. The Trump confidante added that “if Sacha Baron Cohen claims otherwise, he is an ice cold liar”.

Trump said to the scene, “I don’t know what happened.” The Republican did not comment in detail on his own encounter with Baron Cohen. In 2003, the comedian, incarnating the would-be gangster Ali G, proposed a business idea to the entrepreneur in an interview: special gloves for eating ice cream.

In switch with Israel and Sudan, Donald Trump suddenly mocks Biden

9:38 p.m .: During a conference call with the governments of Sudan and Israel, Donald Trump scoffed at his challenger Joe Biden. Speaking to journalists, Trump announced on Friday in the White House that Sudan and Israel had agreed to normalize their relations through his mediation. “Do you think Sleepy Joe could have done that deal, Bibi?” Trump asked Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “I do not believe that.”

Netanyahu replied diplomatically: “We appreciate the help for peace from everyone in America.” At the same time, the Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamduk, and the Chairman of the Sovereign Council of the country, Abdel Fattah Burhan, were on the line.

Biden promises free corona vaccination to voters

9:57 p.m .: A vaccination against the corona virus should be free for all people in the USA, according to the will of the Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden. Even for citizens without health insurance, the government must guarantee a free vaccination, said Biden on Friday in Wilmington, Delaware. In the United States, millions of people have no health insurance due to cost reasons. Experts hope that there will be a widely available vaccine in the coming year.

Democrat Biden renewed his criticism of President Donald Trump’s crisis management. “He gave up America,” said the 77-year-old. The Republican still has no conclusive plan to contain the pandemic. “He just wants us to become numb and resigned to the terrible death toll and pain for so many Americans,” Biden said. He will run against Trump in the November 3rd election.

Biden re-presented his plan to contain the pandemic on Friday. Among other things, in the event of an election victory, Biden wants to massively expand the capacity for corona tests, campaign for the mandatory wearing of masks throughout the country and significantly expand the domestic production of protective clothing.

“Are not in a war” – Biden reacts to Trump’s statement with a Hitler comparison

1:18 p.m .: In the discussion about Trump’s relations with North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un, Biden caused the excitement of the evening in the last TV duel. “We are not in a war. We have a good relationship,” said Trump, explaining his view of the connection with North Korea. Biden replied: “As far as I know, we had a good relationship with Hitler before he invaded Europe.”

The television duel also got heated when Trump accused his challenger of corruption because of his son Hunter’s earlier business activities in China and Ukraine. “Joe, they call you a corrupt politician,” said the president. “So don’t pretend you’re an innocent baby.”

Biden denied any wrongdoing: he has never accepted a “penny” from abroad in his life, said the former Vice President of Barack Obama. Even his son was not guilty of anything.

The debate had recently started through reports by the conservative tabloid New York Post about alleged emails from Fahrt that were allegedly found on a Hunter Biden laptop. However, an investigation into Trump’s Republicans in the Senate published in September found no evidence of undue influence by the former vice president.

Much praise for the moderator of the TV debate Trump-Biden

8 am: The journalist Kristen Welker has managed to tame the arguers: After the television debate on the US presidential election, the 44-year-old presenter received a lot of praise on social networks. In contrast to the first TV discussion between President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, the meeting on Thursday in Nashville (Tennessee) went well.

This was recognized by the moderator of the first TV debate at the end of September, Chris Wallace. “I’m jealous,” said the Fox News commentator of the New York Times. With clear statements, the NBC News journalist gained respect from the start. “Please speak one at a time,” she admonished, for example. Welker knows the politics business in Washington perfectly, she works as a correspondent in the White House.

Before the debate on Thursday, Trump had criticized Welker as “totally partisan” and called her a “radical left democrat”. In the hour and a half of the television discussion broadcast from Nashville, however, he complied with her instructions. The moderator let the discussions run their course, but also intervened politely and firmly several times to bring the debate to the next topic.

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CNN poll sees Biden as the winner of the television debate

Friday, October 23, 6:25 a.m .: In the TV debate before the US presidential election, challenger Joe Biden made a better impression than incumbent Donald Trump, according to a poll by CNN. The poll of viewers of the face-to-face meeting on Thursday found that 53 percent saw Biden as the winner. 39 percent saw Trump in front.

When asked about their impression of who answered moderator Kristen Welker’s questions directly, 62 percent named Biden and 31 percent Trump. The question of who had shown the stronger political leader in the debate resulted in a tie of 49 to 49 percent.

The basis of the survey was a telephone survey of 585 registered voters by the SSRS institute. The broadcaster gave the statistical error rate of the survey as 5.7 percent.

After the first television debate at the end of September, 48 percent of viewers saw Biden in a poll by the broadcaster CBS, 41 percent saw Trump.

US authorities confirm: Iran is behind intimidation of democratic voters

2.42 p.m .: As the broadcaster “CNN” reports, Iran manipulatively intervened in the US election. At the beginning of the week, for example, potential voters of the democratic party received alleged threatening emails from the right-wing extremist group “Proud Boys”. The emails were sent using digital voter databases owned by Iran. It said: “You will vote for Trump on election day, or we will attack you.” However, as US authorities have now announced, Iran is behind it.

“We have already seen Iran send fake emails aimed at intimidating voters, inciting social unrest and harming President Donald Trump,” said John Ratcliffe, director of US intelligence services

How exactly and which emails had harmed Trump so far, Ratcliffe left open. Ratcliff is particularly controversial among the Democrats because of its proximity to the Republican Party and President Trump. Several times criticism of his person has been loud.

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Republican Romney denied Trump his vote

06:29 am: Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not vote for incumbent Donald Trump in the US election. The senator, known as an inner-party critic of Trump, said that to the television channel CNN on Thursday. Romney did not reveal whether he gave his vote to the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “I didn’t vote for President Trump,” he said simply. Whom his choice fell on, he wanted to “keep to me at this point in time”.

It is also possible that Romney voted for one of the hopeless niche candidates who, alongside Trump and Biden, will be running for the White House on November 3rd when he cast his vote early. Millions of Americans take advantage of the opportunity to vote in specially opened polling stations or by postal vote before election day.

The Republicans ran Romney as a presidential candidate in 2012, when he lost the election against the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama. Meanwhile, the 73-year-old is considered one of the sharpest critics of Trump in the ranks of his party. In the impeachment proceedings against the president, Romney was the only Republican in the Senate to vote earlier this year to impeach Trump for abuse of power. At the time he said that Trump was guilty of “appalling abuse of public trust” in the course of the so-called Ukraine affair.

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