2020 US election: Vice-candidate Harris: “Trump’s failure has cost lives”

Presidential election in the news ticker: Vice-candidate Harris: “Trump’s failure has cost lives”

US election 2020 in the news ticker: On November 3, US President Donald Trump is standing for re-election – former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden wants to replace him. This week, Biden wants to be officially elected as a presidential candidate at the Democratic Party Conference. You can find out everything you need to know about the 2020 US election in the news ticker from FOCUS Online.

Vice-candidate Harris: “Trump’s failure cost lives”

Thursday, August 20, 10.11 a.m .: US Democratic runner-up to the presidential election, Kamala Harris, has campaigned for the election of presidential nominee-nominee Joe Biden with a message of hope and unity. “We have to choose a president who brings something different, something better,” said Harris on Wednesday evening (local time) in Wilmington, Delaware at the Democratic Party conference. “A president who brings us all – blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, indigenous people – together to achieve the future we all want together.” She added, “Let’s fight with hope.”

Turning to Republican President Donald Trump, Harris said, “Donald Trump’s failure in leadership has cost lives and livelihoods.” She added: “We have reached a turning point. The constant chaos makes us helpless. The incompetence scares us.” Harris pointed out on Wednesday that the corona virus hits members of minorities particularly hard. “This is no coincidence. It is the result of structural racism.” She added, “And let’s get one thing straight – there is no vaccine against racism. We have to do the job.”

Harris had previously formally accepted the nomination as Biden’s runner-up. Ex-Vice President Biden (77), who will run against Trump (74), chose Harris as the vice-candidate last week, making a historic choice. In the event of an election victory, the 55-year-old would be the first woman and black woman to hold the office of vice-president.

Dispute over postal voting: Post boss puts controversial plans on hold

8:22 am: In the dispute over a possible obstruction of postal votes, the US Post has put controversial austerity measures on hold for the time being. Post boss Louis DeJoy promised on Tuesday that the postal voting mail for the presidential election on November 3 would be delivered “on time”. Long-planned restructuring would be postponed until after the election. The opposition Democrats immediately criticized the announcement as inadequate.

DeJoy, who was appointed head of the post office by President Donald Trump a few months ago, insisted that post employees could continue to work overtime as necessary, that post office opening times would not be restricted, that sorting centers would not be closed and no mailboxes would be dismantled. The Post will also mobilize additional resources from October 1 to shoulder the expected increase in mail volume.

The topic had recently caused a bitter dispute in the USA: The opposition Democrats accuse Trump and DeJoy of deliberately weakening the post in the midst of the corona pandemic in order to torpedo postal votes in the presidential election in November. Especially since DeJoy is a former major donor and fundraiser for Trump’s Republican Party.

Recently there have been reports of delays in delivery. The Post even warned the electoral authorities in letters that they could not guarantee punctual delivery.

“Recently there has been a lot of discussion about whether the post is ready, willing and able to rise to the challenge,” admitted DeJoy on Tuesday. He took over the management of the Post in order to implement the necessary reforms. But this aroused “worries”. “In order to avoid even the impression of a possible impact on the postal vote, I am putting all these initiatives on hold until the election is over.”

The US Democrats criticized the announcement as insufficient. House Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi said DeJoy was only withdrawing some of his actions. He also “do not undo the damage that has already been done”. “That alone is not enough to ensure that voters are not disenfranchised by the president in the fall,” said Pelosi.

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US Democrats officially elect Biden as a presidential candidate

6:07 am: The US Democrats have officially chosen ex-Vice President Joe Biden as their candidate for the presidential election in November. At the virtual convention of the opposition party on Tuesday evening (local time), a clear majority of party delegates voted for the 77-year-old. Biden will challenge Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the November 3rd presidential election.

Biden thanked the party delegates “from the bottom of my heart” in a live video. “It means everything to me and my family.” The longtime senator will hold his nomination speech from his home state of Delaware on Thursday at the end of the party congress.

“It means the world for me and my family,” said Biden on Tuesday evening (local time) after he had gathered the necessary number of delegate votes at the largely virtual party congress

Trump sounds in front of supporters: “Can only lose election if manipulated”

7.50 p.m .: US President Donald Trump believes a defeat in the presidential election in November is only possible in the event of election rigging. “We have to win this election,” said Trump on Monday (local time) during an appearance in front of supporters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. “Make sure your votes are counted. Make sure that because the only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged. Remember. That’s the only way we can make this election will lose. ” Trump stressed: “We will fight for the survival of our nation and civilization itself.”

Possible election manipulation is also at issue in the dispute over the equipment of the post office before the election. Trump had spoken openly last Thursday about withholding the necessary funds from the Post in order to deliver millions upon millions of postal ballots. Democrats see this as an attempt by the Republican incumbent to keep the turnout low in his favor. Trump, on the other hand, has repeatedly stated that postal voting significantly increases the risk of counterfeiting – without providing evidence.

Trump attacks ex-President Obama and his deputy Biden as corrupt

5:50 p.m .: US President Donald Trump reacted with sharp words to the criticism of the Democrats at the start of their party congress in the race for the White House. “The Obama and Biden administration was the most corrupt in history,” the president wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. This includes the fact that they had spied on his election campaign team, which was “the biggest political scandal in the history of our country,” Trump repeated his frequent but unproven accusation. “It’s called treason, and more.”

A few hours earlier, on the first day of their party conference, which is supposed to officially nominate Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden as a candidate for the presidential election in November, the Democrats heavily criticized Trump. Former First Lady Michelle Obama said: “Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country.”

Trump countered that someone had to explain to Michelle Obama that he was only sitting in the White House because her husband Barack Obama had done his job badly. “My administration and I built the greatest economy in history, worldwide, then shut it down, saved millions of lives, and now I’m building an even greater economy than before,” Trump wrote.

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