2. Bundesliga: VfB, HSV or Heidenheim

Arminia Bielefeld has already done it! East Westphalia have a safe ascent and are returning to the Bundesliga after eleven years of abstinence. VfB Stuttgart and Hamburger SV also want that. But it won’t be that easy.

Problem number one: there is only one free ascent place available. Problem number two: you are not the only applicant. Because suddenly 1. FC Heidenheim is also a blatant outsider. The situation at the top of the second division comes to a head two games before the end. The preliminary decision can be made in the promotion endgame. Who imitates Bielefeld, who ends up in the relegation and who goes away empty-handed?

Relegation hit odds

Stuttgart (2nd place, 55 points, goal difference +17)

After last few appearances (only one point from two games), the Swabians found their way back to the track at 5-1 over Sandhausen during the week and got second place. But the knot has also broken at the upcoming opponent Nuremberg, who is still fighting against relegation. After seven games without a win, the Franken co-relegation competitor Wehen-Wiesbaden finished 6-0. This sudden performance explosion and the constellation that the “club” still needs every point to stay in the class does not make it easier for VfB. In terms of shape, however, Stuttgart has advantages over the worst pursuer from Hamburg.

VfB game odds

Hamburger SV (3rd place, 54 points, goal difference +21)

It is the most important game of the entire season for HSV: On Sunday (kick-off: 3:30 p.m.) in a direct duel in Heidenheim, the stumbling Hamburgers are all about everything. It is the ultimate ascent endgame. In the event of a defeat, there is a real risk of missing the Bundesliga again. At least one tie is required for Dieter Hecking’s team to ward off the outsider’s attack and at least defend the relegation place.

HSV clearly has the pressure. Heidenheim, on the other hand, can only win something. In addition: The form of the last few weeks was anything but worthy of the Bundesliga on the side of the Hanseatic League. At home there were only two disappointing draws against Kiel and Osnabrück despite tours. They only brought the former Bundesliga Dino into this hot spot. In any case, Hamburg is far from the euphoric mood about the chance of advancement.

1.FC Heidenheim (4th place, 52 points, goal difference +11)

The team of veteran trainer Frank Schmidt (in office since 2007) had nobody on the bill. And this despite the fact that the Heidenheimers were the first leaders of the season! After that, however, they never took one of the first three places again. Nevertheless, the FCH has recently stalked the ascent spots almost unnoticed and has put itself within striking distance of Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Now, two matchdays before the end, there is suddenly a great opportunity to jump to 3rd place and even have a chance to finish second. This requires a home win against competitor Hamburg. Heidenheim showed how to beat that in the first leg of the 1-0 win in the Volksparkstadion. On the last day of the trip, the trip to Bielefeld will take place, which should then have had a few days of party and little training.

The remaining program of the ascent candidates

VfB Stuttgart
Nuremberg (A)
– Darmstadt (H)

Hamburger SV
– Heidenheim (A)
– Sandhausen (H)

1. FC Heidenheim
Hamburg (H)
– Bielefeld (A)

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